Installments Domain name

Secure Transaction

Private transaction create from verified account.

Prevent Fraud hold a domain name from the 1st payment to the last payment.

Secure Payment hold fund until you confirm and manage domain name server.

Escrow Contract contract 6 to 60 months give buyer the right, but not the obligation to buy domain.
Escrow contract can not cancel without buyer and seller agreements.

Secure Domain Name Transfer transfer a domain name from Escrow holding account to your registrar account and wait until you fully control domain name before release the last fund.


Installments Application

Complete Installment application Form (Google Form) or
Contact directly to Anucha Wongyala via Email at []

6 Steps Installment Domain Name 


Application or Price Request



Review Transaction

Review an Escrow transaction email before go to the next processing.



Payment directly on
Buyer pays escrow transaction fees, domain name holding fees and the first monthly payment.


Domain Transfer To Escrow Holding Account

Domain name transfer to domain name holding service for 6 to 60 months contract.


Setting Domain Name Server

You (Buyer) can setting domain name server from Escrow account after the first payment is completed and use domain as the owner for your business until the last payment due date.


Complete Payment & Domain Name Transfer To Buyer

You (Buyer) pay the the last payment. transfer domain from Escrow holding account to the buyer's registrar.

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Payment options for buyers

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